Author of THE GIFT. A trilogy for readers of Gothic and Historical Military fiction who don’t mind a good fright now and again.


Coming November 2023


The Gift, Book 3

1940. Folkestone. Elle and Balthasar cross the Strait of Dover on a moonless night, landing in German occupied France in pursuit of Hamish Taggart. Ascension has come. And they must ensnare the Banshee Siobhan before it’s too late. 

Old friends reappear – Mahmoud – in the time when he was mortal. 1777. Persia. A Royal Geographical Society expedition encounters a Crimen infestation and the Persian himself is turned. But as a Sentinel for Balthasar Toule. 

Their unique friendship will exist for centuries. 

1940. Balthasar and Elle cautiously make their way through Germany to the Externsteine, thinking they will finally end Balthasar’s agony here. But no. It’s a red herring and they must continue east, fighting swarms of Crimen before reaching the end. In the East they arrive to a place Elle has never been, but familiar to Balthasar. “The Wastes”. Where Siobhan turned him. Here Balthasar will realise not only is it too late for him, it is too late for Elle as well.  Ascension.

Gifts are seldom free.

Formats available: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Publisher: Whitefox


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