Author of THE GIFT. A trilogy for readers of Gothic and Historical Military fiction who don’t mind a good fright now and again.


RA Williams is the author of the Gothic fiction trilogy THE GIFT. Keep up to date on the latest news regarding RA’s, appearances, musings and release dates for THE GIFT trilogy here. 

Book 1: Eleanor, is available from 22 November in hardcover and eBook. Book 2: Balthasar drops 17 June 2022. Book 3: Ascension available October 2023. 

Stop in frequently for updated full colour maps from THE GIFT trilogy, the occasional character exposé, location choices, odds & sods over on the author’s blog, his historical musings, fascination with 80’s Punk and New Wave and maybe a few snaps of his cats. 

Coming 9 December 2021


Book 1: Eleanor

The North Atlantic, 14 April 1912. Amid the chaos of the sinking Titanic, a young Eleanor Annenberg meets the eyes of a stranger and is immediately captivated. As the ship buckles around them, she follows him down to the hold and finds him leaning over an open sarcophagus surrounded by mutilated bodies. She catches but a glimpse of what lies within before she’s sucked into a maelstrom of freezing brine and half-devoured corpses. Elle is pulled out of the water, but the stranger – and the secrets she stumbled upon – are lost. Unintentionally, however, he leaves her a gift. …

News & Views

Folkestone in the Crosshairs.

Posted on November 24, 2021

I’m so very pleased to write this post. You see, I’ve been visiting Folkestone in County Kent since 2003. And from the moment I alighted the train at Folkestone Central train station I knew I was somewhere special. It was to be a few years more before I discovered the …

Bits & Bobs

Posted on November 22, 2021

Here we are then, carrying on with my bits & bobs reveal.  I present to you a stack of manky old books. At first glance that would be an accurate description. But — There it is again. But. Finding old books on Folkestone are to the this author a true …

The Death Hatchment of Balthasar Toule

Posted on November 13, 2021

  I love libraries. I think all authors must. Here in Espana they’re known as bibliotecas. A more curious name for palaces of knowledge begging to be explored. And just like great museums and old universities, libraries keep within them great secrets awaiting to be uncovered by the intrepid explorer.  …

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