Author of THE GIFT. A trilogy for readers of Gothic and Historical Military fiction who don’t mind a good fright now and again.

I’m so pleased to announce THE GIFT. Book 1: Eleanor will be released 9 December, 2021 in hardback, eBook and  audiobook. It’s been quite a wonderful journey to arrive at this moment. An early draft of THE GIFT was completed in 1994 when I was living in Sherman Oaks, California. What is now a trilogy began as a single massive tome. A version of THE GIFT more recognisable as the story as it unfolds now was completed in February, 2010 whilst living in the Pimlico district of London. It was to be 2019, and at my writing desk in the Costa Brava, before THE GIFT was divided into three books. 

And so, here we are, on the eve of publication of Book 1 by my publishing partner in London, whitefox  And this author could not be more thrilled. You can find this first book in the trilogy available at Amazon. Barnes & Noble and all book sellers both online and through your local book merchant. An extract is available if you’d like a little taste of what is to come at the link here:

Book 1. Sample Chapter

Book 2 is pencilled in for a November 2022 release, with Book 3 set to hit late 2023. And it doesn’t end there. Keep sharpish for books on some of the more colourful characters who appear in THE GIFT.

As always, may the road rise with you.


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